Q&A with Here for the Beer

Posted On Mar 10, 2016
Q&A with Here for the Beer

We are thrilled to feature Tim & Amy and their bulldog Thor on the Stream's latest Q&A! They are big beer fans/aficionados - you can read more about them and see all of their adventures and beer tastings at www.hereforthebeer.com, www.whetstonestation.com and on Instagram or Twitter as @hereforthebeer.

Tell us About Yourself:

We’re a couple of beer geeks (and a bulldog) traveling the country in search of great craft beers and adventures.  We own and operate an awesome brewery, bier garten and restaurant in Vermont (Whetstone Station) and due to the seasonal scaling of the business, we’ve had the luxury of traveling for about 6 months each year in our 2014 Airstream International Sterling 27FB.  We are adventurers, love theme parks, roller coasters, live music and taking the path less traveled. We’ve been so taken by the camping bug that we’re currently in the process of adding a campground to our operation in Vermont as well!

Tell us about your Airstream:

We looked around at RVs for years and couldn’t find anything that wasn’t tan and typical. We looked at a sea of particle board and tan carpet. It was finally at the Hershey PA RV show that we discovered the Sterling from Airstream. It was very “us," considering it had a slick “metal” interior.  We didn’t care for the flooring options and once we heard that they’d swap the floor for a more standard vinyl, we were sold.

How long have you been on the road/living in your Airstream? Pros/Cons of the lifestyle/greatest tips for those aspiring to become full-timers.

We moved into our Airstream during our brewery ramp-up in August of 2014 and have lived in it ever since. Six months in Vermont and six months traveling the country each year. As for tips for full timing, you need about a third of what you think you do. You will also need things you didn’t think you would need.  We moved into the Airstream outside of our house for about two months, to get acquainted with it and to be sure everything we needed/wanted was packed inside.  We found that to be a great way to be sure we were ready for the road.

What’s the hardest thing about living on the road?

Being away from family and friends. But we’ve both had them visit us (staying with us in the Airstream!) and we’ve been able to "moochdock" in a few yards and driveways while visiting on the road. Plus we’ve met tons of great people on the road that have become new friends.

What's the best trip you've been on?

It’s tough to say that as we are on a never-ending trip of sorts.

Where's your favorite place(s) to camp?

We LOVE boondocking and the Airstream is perfect for that. Our solar system, while not as robust as some of the sexy lithium ones we’re seeing recently, does the job for us and we love just being off the grid for a week or so at a time.  

What’s the most important tip you can provide to someone that wants to own an Airstream? 

You don’t need as much room as you think you do.  Our 27’ International seemed small at first, but we’ve found that we love the flexibility of having something small enough to park anywhere, even in a parking garage or two!

What’s the most important tip you can provide to someone that owns an Airstream? 

Keep an eye on the batteries. Do you have that little “store/use” switch?  Do you know what it does and when to use it!  t makes a huge difference in the health of your batteries. We actually upgraded our converter/charger and it’s been great in extending the health and run time of our batteries.

What are the top three places you want to go that you haven’t been?

Alaska, South Africa and Europe. Mainly because we’ve been able to travel for two years now and have put over 20,000 miles on our Airstream we’re ready for some more exotic and challenging trips!

What’s your road trip soundtrack?

We actually have a “Road Trip” playlist on Spotify that has music inspired by the road, as well as songs from each of the many bands we’ve seen along the way.

What are your must haves for your Airstream?

The Airstream bike rack has been a big deal for us, we love to be able to bike to things from our campsites. Solar has been a great choice for us, it’s great to be able to just park in the desert for a week without having to set up a generator and yet having all the lights and electric you need. We added XM Radio, which for us was a must have.

What's your favorite Airstream Brands product? 

The stainless insulated mug is perfect for sampling craft beers on the road!

In honor of Here for the Beer, enter code HFTBEER20 for 20% off Airstream Brands Stainless Steel Insulated Beer Mugs through the end of March. 

 Thanks again to Tim and Amy for sharing their story on The Stream! You can check them out at www.hereforthebeer.com, www.whetstonestation.com and on Instagram or Twitter as @hereforthebeer.


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